SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) is now available for Raspberry Pi

Ok, so it’s not serverless, but the Raspberry Pi 3B is available for just £32, which is pretty low cost.

SUSE Linux have just announced that they’ll be supporting their Enterprise Server v12 SP3 on the tiny computer.

The Pi has become very popular not only as a home hacker board, but as a media streaming box, and in lots of factories and warehouses where its lack of moving parts makes it ideal for use in dusty environments.

If you’re happier with a supported version of  Linux which is guaranteed to stay the same for 3-4 years, rather than regularly doing “apt-get and hope”, this might be for you.

At the moment this is only for the Pi 3B, additional builds/support for other models like the new 3B+ and the compute module should follow soon.

If you’re stuck with what to do with your Raspberry Pi, there’s a ton of good suggestions here on weekend projects with a raspberry pi

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